Xiaomi HIMO V1 Plus
Xiaomi HIMO V1 Plus
Xiaomi HIMO V1 Plus
Xiaomi HIMO V1 Plus
Xiaomi HIMO V1 Plus

Xiaomi HIMO V1 Plus


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60+ Kilometer Range

This bicycle optimizes the performance of the battery. It uses a 36V-7.8AH power lithium battery pack to provide up to 288wh of energy output. The battery, electric control, and charger integrated power compartment provide strong power. Charging once can bring more than 60km of electric moped mileage.

SMART-BMS Battery Management System

The SMART-BMS Battery Management System can intelligently monitor, manages and maintains individual battery cells. It can also automatically power off the battery when it is fully charged, preventing the safety hazard caused by overcharging the battery.

14 Inch Wheel Diameter

With new 14-inch large wheel diameter, 46-tooth sprocket wheel, and the overall length of the frame is increased to 1210mm, it can be stable riding even on bumpy road conditions.

Reliable Double Braking System

Reliable braking system for complex road conditions. High-efficiency double brakes greatly improve braking performance, are not affected by bad weather, and are not afraid of continuous braking, easily handling complex road conditions.

Portable Folding Design

This bike is an aluminum alloy frame that is flexible and portable. Foldable handlebars and an ultra-light body make it easy to ride anywhere, anytime.



Brand: Xiaomi HIMO
Type: Electric Moped Bicycle
Model: V1 Plus
Color: Gray

Specification Front and rear wheel center distance: 822mm
Maximum design speed: 25km / h
Electric Moped Continuous Sailing Mileage: ≥60km
Only Electric Continuous Sailing Mileage: ≈40km
100 km power consumption: 0.56kw·h / 100km
Load capacity: ≈100kg
Battery type: lithium ion battery
Battery capacity: 7.8AH
Battery voltage: 36V
Undervoltage protection: 31V
Overcurrent protection: 12A
Weight & Size Product Weight:18.5kg
Package Weight: 25.0kg
Product Dimensions:1210 × 520 × 1050mm
Package Dimensions: 1240 × 380 × 770mm
Package Contents

1 x Electric Moped Bicycle
1 x User Manual