• Mercane WideWheel Dual Motor, 13.2 Ah

    Mercane WideWheel Dual Motor, 13.2 Ah

    The Mercane Widewheel electric scooter has been designed for ultimate riding comfort. Insanely fast, no hill is a match for this scooter. Ultra-wide tires with front and rear suspension ensure the most comfortable and smooth ride! This high-powered and folding electric scooter with high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries guarantees strong acceleration, top speeds of 40 km/h and 30 kilometers on a single charge.  Dimensions: Upright: 1049mm x 436mm x 1171mm Folded: 1049mm x 436xmm x 480mm Performance: Max speed: 40 km/h Max instantaneous power: 2x 500W base / 800W peak Max weight: 220 lbs ...

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  • Niu U1 Pro

    Niu U1 Pro

    The Niu U1 Pro electric bike scooter is the smartest and most sophisticated bike / scooter on the market. With a smart app system, live dashboard navigation, insane 50 km range, completely waterproofed build, regenerative braking and more, there is nothing this thing can't do. Also, it is fully street legal and requires no license for riders that are 18 years or older. Dimensions: Upright: 1685 mm (L) x 700 mm (W) x 1020 mm (H) Performance: Max speed: 32 km/h Max distance: 50 km Climbing angle: 13° Maximum weight: 170 kg Specifications: Weight: 55 kg Frame: 38 mm steel frame Tire siz...

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  • Xiaomi HIMO C20

    Xiaomi HIMO C20

    High-quality Frame HIMO C20 has a patented structural with an integrated design. It has passed the high-level NC processing technology and 3C certification. With a 20 Inch lightweight frame, it has high quality and stability. Three Switchable Riding Mode HIMO C20 has both electric power and human power support, three riding modes. The pure electric mode meets daily commuting, and manpower or electric assist riding can make you enjoy a pleasant ride. Shimano Variable Speed Drive HIMO C20 features a 6-speed Shimano shifting system that adjusts the riding speed by adjusting the size of the fr...

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  • Xiaomi HIMO V1 Plus

    Xiaomi HIMO V1 Plus

    60+ Kilometer Range This bicycle optimizes the performance of the battery. It uses a 36V-7.8AH power lithium battery pack to provide up to 288wh of energy output. The battery, electric control, and charger integrated power compartment provide strong power. Charging once can bring more than 60km of electric moped mileage. SMART-BMS Battery Management System The SMART-BMS Battery Management System can intelligently monitor, manages and maintains individual battery cells. It can also automatically power off the battery when it is fully charged, preventing the safety hazard caused by overchargi...

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  • Xiaomi Mi M365

    Xiaomi Mi M365

    Whether it be to cruise around town or commute to work the Xiaomi M365 is the perfect choice. With a sleek design, clever folding system, bright headlights and taillights, and bluetooth connection this is the gold standard of electric scooters. Dimensions: Upright: 42.5 x 16.9 x 44.9 inches Folded: 42.5 x 16.9 x 19.3 inches Performance: Max speed: Approx. 15.5 mph Max torque:16 N•m Motor rated power: 250 W Max instantaneous power: 500 W Max weight: 220 lbs Motor control mode: Sine-wave vector and current control + closed loop speed control Specifications: Weight: 26.9 lbs Frame: ...

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